How much bad luck can you have!?

September 18th, 2008 by Martin

You’re running the system on the same server for months. Nothing ever happened. You are testing your code. Extensively. Then you launch.

And what happens 12 hours later??? A RAM defect on the server. That’s really unfair…

Thanks to David, we could replace it quite fast, so C-LINK was “only” down from 10 to 10.45 am. Enough hardware trouble, now we hope to have some more fun with the system :-)

C-LINK launched today

September 17th, 2008 by Martin

After lots of coding, extensive testing (thanks a lot to all the beta testers in the KM group of DFKI!) and unexpected last minute problems (as expected, of course) we launched C-LINK today!

C-LINK is a web based tool that allows attendees of the KI 2008 conference to organize their conference.

Amongst others, features are:

  • Individual conference planner (create your personal conference schedule)
  • Personalized recommendations of presentations
  • Meet the participants (profile matching with regard to research interests)
  • Chat, Whiteboard
  • Sharing digital resources (documents, presentations, etc.) among participants

As you can imagine (why else would you find this post here!?), it is based on ALOE. For the recommendations, DynaQ is used in a combination with myCBR.

We’re very excited and look forward to what happens now!

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