New features for ALOE!

May 6th, 2009 by Martin

ALOE got some useful and long-expected new features. Maybe they are also exciting, I leave this up to you ;-)

  • My Tags allows you to manage your tags.
  • Group membership is now shown on the resource detail pages. Group admins can resign resources from a group.
  • Overview pages for groups.
  • New feeds for activities in groups, on your resources, and about a user’s new resources.
  • The new advanced search offers a lot of filtering capabilities.

Check them out now! Or read on and get some more details…

My Tags: Here you can manage your tags. See what tags you already used, rename your tags, delete them…

My Tags

Resource detail page: In the right column, you now can see to which groups the resource already had been shared to. This of course excludes closed groups where you are not a member! In the menu ‘Share to group’, you now can also see to which groups the resource already had been shared to. Furthermore, you can now resign resources from a group, when you are the group admin. Otherwise, the checkbox will be disabled.

Resource detail view

Groups: Until now, clicking on a group’s title always led to the group resources. This has changed: the title now links to the new overview page for the group. Of course you can still get to the group resources, using the link “Show Resources”. Furthermore, you can now also search for resources within groups, and you can invite others to join a group by clicking “Invite a Friend”.

Overview page for a group

Feeds: We offer the following new feeds:

  • Group activities feed: All public activities related to the group (e.g., ‘join’ or ‘unsubscribe’) and group resources (e.g., when someone commented on a group resource) will be show here. You can find the feed URL on the new overview page for the respective group.
  • Feed for activities on your resources: This feed provides information about all activities on resources that you find in “My Resources”. You find the feed URL on the page “My Resources” or under your buddy icon on the page “My Profile”.
  • User resource feed: You can get information about new public resources of a user by subscribing to this feed. You find the URL under the buddy icon of the respective user’s profile page.

IMPORTANT: Of course we respect your privacy! Nobody can see when a resource was viewed, and also ratings will be anonymous. Only information that a user without login could also see will be provided. This also means that we can’t offer any feeds for closed groups. We work on this topic and will soon also provide reports in a different way.

Explore Members: Explore -> Members now directly leads to the ALOE users.

Advanced Search: The new advanced search offers a broad range of new possibilities to query the ALOE resources:

  • Search fields: Different search terms can be used for different fields (e.g., title, tags, creator, description).
  • Filter by resource type: You can restrict your search to bookmark resources or file resources with specific mime types (e.g., audio, video, documents).
  • Filter by date: Choose a certain period of time for the date the resources were first added.
  • Filter by license: Only search within creative commons licensed resources, or even more specific, within contents that may be commercially used and/or modified.

Advanced Search

And of course we VERY MUCH appreciate your feedback!!

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