OPENEER @ BBC+Goldsmiths - “UK Science Roadshow”

April 24th, 2009 by Stephan


Yves Raimond finished his Ph.D at Queen Mary and moved on to BBC. To lay his hands on the real digital world of music experiences. His baby DBTune is an exciting way to use the Linking Open Data resources with a special focus on music. I thought it would be a good idea to meet him and discuss about the potential for combining DBTune with OPENEER. Around our discussion Yves arranged a seminar talk where I presented OPENEER to a group of BBC engineers and designers.

The next day I did the same thing for the researchers at Goldsmiths. Daniel Müllensiefen, an expert for symbolic music features, is currently expanding his work on melody features towards emotional findings. Again I received valuable expert feedback about features for future releases of OPENEER.

Join OPENEER 2009: The Emotional Music Revolution :)

January 12th, 2009 by Stephan


Thanks to the ALOE core developer team everything will be even better in 2009 for OPENEER: More features, slim design, stable core system. OPENEER is waiting for thousands of users and millions of songs raising goosebumps!

Thanks to the first people who have spent time and passion with the first version of OPENEER in 2008. Special thanks to Basti Hirsch for the great shot above!

Join in!

PS: I promise to work harder on the promotion of OPENEER via mailing-lists, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc…

PPS: Please help to spread the message!

OPENEER will be launched at re:publica2008!

April 1st, 2008 by Stephan

Exciting times ahead! Tomorrow we leave to Berlin for this years re:publica. Giving talks, hanging out with the German digital intelligencia and having serious fun. An excellent opportunity to attract the early adopters to try out OPENEER. The first Open Collection for Extrem Emotional Reactions to Music, a Web2.0 style platform gathering personal experiences with music on a worldwide scale. Why? If you think about designing and implementing the next generation Uber-recommenders you encounter a major bottleneck: There is few knowledge about the reasons for chills, thrills, strong emotional reactions when listening to contemporary music including the alignment of personal episodes to the lyrics. Although some good research in musicpsychology has been undertaken to decode these effects with respect to structural features in classical music, we still miss a large scale knowledge base.

With OPENEER we want to offer the possibility to volunteers to share their personal experiences in order to enable research based on this groundwork. Call it crowdsourcing or collective intelligence, we dont mind, we GO FOR IT!

OPENEER is here! Play around with it!

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